Executive Direction

Director: Pablo Rojas
Co-directors: Gala Berger, Cecilia Rojo
Working Areas in Argentina

General Coordination
Pablo Rojas

Visual Arts Curation
Gala Berger

Music and Video Curation
Andres Park

Events Production
Tae-Kun Choi

Art and Culture Consultancy
Jong-Hyun "Nerf" Baek
Ruth Kim
Julieta Ezcurra

Image and Design
Lino Divas
Lala Ladcani

Strategic Management and Fundraising
Cecilia Rojo

Self-Generated Income
Rodrigo Lee
Working Areas in South Korea

General Coordination
Seung-Won Lee

General Production
Yeon-Jeong Kim

Visual Arts Curation
Elena Suh

Press and Communication
Ho-Yeol Kim

Hyun-Hee Choi
Min-Ji Lee