Hojun Song at ‘Trimarchi 2011’ and ‘Ekoparty
Security Conference’

In September 2011 we invited the Korean artist Hojun
Song for the first time to Argentina. Hojun took part, as a
special guest, in the international design festival
'Trimarchi 2011' and the 'Ekoparty Security Conference', a
networking event on technology advances, vulnerabilities,
and all security matters.

In both events Hojun Song presented his "Open-Source
Satellite Initiative" (OSSI). OSSI promotes private space
programs by providing DIY tutorials on building a small
satellite. After four years of research and one year of
experience as a satellite engineer, Song Hojun has found
that it is possible to launch and operate a personal
satellite at a fairly reasonable price and he's waiting for
his satellite to be launched in 2012 (http://opensat.cc/)

Featured artist:
Hojun Song